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If you live your life

on the edge of society's constraints,

courageously delve into your passions

and wholeheartedly follow your joy,

come share your story with me



About Me


In my late 40's I began to find my voice, connect with my soul and live my truth.


The journey to self-discovery has been a long, winding and often extremely challenging  road.




It's never too late to question your limiting beliefs and step into a new perspective on life.


I continue to question this modern life we live, how it can be more joyous and how I can share that joy with others. 



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What People Say

Jo's natural charisma caught my attention immediately, but it was her realist approach, her challenging ideas and her sense of humour that really had me intrigued. I've watched her grow and witnessed some extraordinary personal expansion, which led me to invite Jo as my very first guest speaker.


And of course she was a huge hit. Her ability to connect with the audience, provide valuable & practical content that my guests could implement immediately was simply amazing. I can't wait to have Jo back sharing her stories, wisdom and jokes with us again.

Jen Bettridge

Jo has an infectious grin that lights up a room. Her zany style will make you giggle with delight. Definitely entertaining and a joy to be in the presence of.

Jen McCall

Jo is a breath of fresh air! I absolutely love her passion & take on life! I could listen to her all day!!

Deb Heirdsfield

I👍 thank you for having me as a guest to be interviewed. The experience has been awesome ☺

I think your work is fab 👏🙏xo You are a natural!



Rachel Dickey

I recommend Jo from my heart. Jo deeply deeply felt what I felt, she knows what it’s like to feel unloved, she held a sacred space for me to acknowledge and realise I’m not “wrong” I’m not sick, it’s just the pain of that child (my inner child)

Roxana Catalina Alupoaie

Oh boy bahahaha what a cracker!!!  You worked your magic. I think you've missed your calling girlfriend 😝

Sherrey Fullwood

You're hilarious AND talented! I feel privileged to be interviewed by you. I love how authentic you are 🌟💖😁!



Di McMath

Jo took me on a roller coaster of emotions. I laughed and cried with all the other people in room and left wanting to hear more more more.

Lynette Staib Gray

Omg! It (our interview) turned out better than I thought. You are a magician! Thanks so much!

Eva Kiss

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