A mum who thought she 

 Improve your relationship with your 





No matter where you're at right now!

I thought I was doing everything right.

Having an out of control teenager was never going happen to me!


I tried to get him fixed - that back-fired

I followed mainstream advice - that made things worse

I insisted he change 'cause I knew what was right for him

None of this worked and I watched our relationship hit an all-time low

Share just 90 minutes of your

time with us to discover the only way to truly improve your relationship with your teenager

And it's probably not what you're thinking

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You may need some tissues as it gets very real, brazenly raw and ruggedly honest

In this 3 Part Series you will see and hear:

How you can learn about yourself through your teenager

The Fix My Teen idea is outdated, ineffective and damaging

How your own childhood affects your parenting


Through the initial pain of our relationship, I eventually learned to see my 

children as my greatest teachers and appreciate them

for showing me the parts of myself that needed healing and integrating

so that I could fully and completely accept all of me.


I found the courage to face my own past, acknowledge the wounds

from my own teenage years and release all the long-held, deep emotional pain.


Now based on my own self-love, honesty and authenticity,

the relationship with my son has dramatically improved and

I am forever grateful for the enormous opportunity our once painful relationship gave me.


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Creating a generation of young adults whose relationships are

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Rosie Anstis

Sunshine Coast, QLD

If you are ready to grow and challenge the way you currently live, feel and parent, then make doing the inner work a priority for yourself  - and for your family.


You won't regret anything you do to help improve the relationship with yourself and your family, even if right now, it feels like nothing could make a difference.






Jemma Pearson

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Thank you so much Ilka and Jo for your honesty and compassion, and most of all your sense of humour.


Your insights into the struggles we all face as parents have not only helped me become a better and more aware mum, but also allowed me to forgive myself for, and learn from, my own faults and failings. Thanks again ladies-- I don't know what I'd do without you. xxx






Roxana Catalina Alupoaie


Jo deeply felt what I felt. She knows what it's like to feel unloved. She held a sacred space for me to acknowledge and realise I'm not wrong, I'm not sick, it's just the pain of that child - my inner child.


I recommend Ilka and Jo from my heart.


Do this not only for your child, as you might expect, do this for yourself.








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